Thursday, June 11, 2015


Do you love traveling and spending time with friends and family on vacation?  I do!  Interpersonal and Multi-generational travelers aren’t just seeking new destinations or experiences, but also to spend time with their loved ones and make new friendships along the way. To me, there’s no better options for these kinds of travelers than a cruise or all-inclusive vacation package. Think about it: on a cruise or at an all-inclusive resort no one has to be burdened with being the host or finding accommodations or things to do or who will be cooking tonight. Everyone is relaxed, happy and free to do what he or she pleases during the day. When dinnertime rolls around, everyone can reunite to share their day’s adventures. I always hear that people like these types of vacations because they allow everyone in the group to do their own thing and spend as much time together or apart as they please—and they’re always surprised by just how much time they do end up spending together and enjoying every moment.

Cruises and All-inclusive resorts offer group rates.  Travel For You can help you put together a memorable vacation for your interpersonal and multi-generational families!  We took our entire family to the Riviera Maya in October and it was awesome!

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