Sunday, February 18, 2018

St. Lucia


Recently very special clients spent their 30th Wedding Anniversary in St. Lucia. 

They spend 6 nights at Sugar Bay and then 3 nights at Hotel Chocolate! 

They had also celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary at these 2 resorts in 2013.

Thank you Bill and Diane for sharing your review and photos of these beautiful resorts.


We loved our stay at Sugar Beach. Each morning we enjoyed an open air breakfast of fresh tropical fruits and other first class items. The there was no hurry. They had staff everywhere at the Resort. We never had to go searching for assistance. They assigned a private Butler to us to assist us with all our personal needs. Everyone was polite and friendly. 

Our room was very special. It was one of 96 units, all of them on the hill side or on the beach. No multi-level room complex. They had part colonial charm, part understated luxury. It was a beautiful setting to unwind at.

The Resort sits in a UNESCO World Heritage site between two mountains (Pitons).

 It has a Rainforest Spa consisting of thatched tree huts. 

The beach sand is imported, so it has some of the most pristine white sand in the Caribbean. Everything is perfectly landscaped, giving it the feel and look of a lush tropical botanical gardens. 

The food was top tier, but very pricy. Sometimes many times more than its value. This is really the main drawback. But you are paying for a one-of-a-kind location.

 Hotel Chocolat Boucan

This 14 unit Resort had an unspeakably beautiful location as well. It was higher upon the mountains and not on the beach, however, if you want to go to the beach while you are there, they have a shuttle and their own boat that they use to transport guests to the beach.

 This Resort is on a working Cocoa Plantation. The British chocolatier, Hotel Chocolate owns and operates this unique Resort. It is very stylish and has a very cool vibe. It is small, so it is very peaceful and relaxing. 

They have special tours that allow guests to learn and see how cocoa is grown and harvested and processed. We got to graft our own Cocoa tree. They mark and catalogs your tree so that if you visit again years latter you can see it producing Cocoa Pods! They also have another fascinating tour (for an extra cost) that allows you to make your own chocolate bar! 

We loved this! We learned a lot. Their restaurant is and rooms are all open! This is a wonderful experience that brings in the sounds and sights up close while you are there. It is very picturesque with, I believe, one of the world's most spectacular small pools.


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