Friday, December 8, 2017

G Adventures - Croatia to Athens

During the Summer my client toured Croatia to Athens with 
G Adventures.

Below are a few photos and her review:

G Adventures

G Adventures has defined (and redefined) small group travel for 25 years. Travelling with us is the very best way to get up close and personal with your planet in a way you’d never manage on your own. And when you travel with us, you support local communities and help make the world a little bit better for everyone. Welcome to a World of Good.

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Hello Denise. All went well, thanks for asking.

I had a good experience but I have a feeling I might have liked a different tour. It was very exhausting traveling and then packing the next morning on many occasions. I think I would have liked to stay in some spots longer, or maybe go to some different locations in the country. But I know that with the two or you can't do all..  our guide to take us to some good spots. Every restaurant that he chose was great.

My guide was great. He would give us a brief low-down of the town and pretty much suggest what we could do. It was our choice what we wanted to do. I spent most of the days by myself walking around the cities, but I would meet up for group dinners. We had between 14 to 16 people in the group. This to her was actually a combination of two tours.

I really liked Croatia and Montenegro the best.  Albania was interesting and Greece was nice.. next time I'll probably want to see other islands of Greece.

The transportation accommodations were fine for the low-budget tour. However I wasn't really pleased with the hostels. Maybe it's just hostels in general, but I thought many of the ones we stayed at had some issues. By the end of the trip I was ready for a regular hotel room and a decent bed.. sometimes we'd have between four to six girls and one room.

I would use G Adventures again, but I probably wouldn't do this tour at my age.  How is definitely beat by the end of the trip from consistently walking around towns and then traveling... However the age variations worked out decently


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