Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A review from clients returning from their 3rd visit to Secrets Maroma Beach!

Hi Denise!

Quick review--finally!  Emoji

After our third time a Secrets Maroma Beach--never disappointed at all!  Wonderful & friendly people work there & provide such a wonderful experience.  

Check-in/out--smooth like always.  

The renovated room decor is very, very nice.  We love the swim-up & enjoyed 30+ cotis who visited us almost every night between 5-6 pm.  Also enjoyed the "show" they put on one night on our walk back from a show when they were knocking coconuts down from a tree, while other cotis on the ground dragged them into the foliage to eat.  So many of them--all sizes & colors!
The food was excellent as usual!  We really liked the restaurants we visited.  Also like that they have more "theme" nights outside because the guys don't have to wear long pants--but that you also have the option of the nicer restaurants to get more dressed up.  

The shows were pretty good.  Saw the rock show.  The other shows were good but sort of seemed to be "more of the same" with the ribbons, trapezes, robotics stuff--still enjoyed the talent they brought to the resort.  When we stayed at Secrets Akumal a couple of years ago, they had a hilarious couples game show which was the best show ever.  Had hoped they would have had something like that here this time.  A comedian or comedy show as an option would be something different & nice to have. 

The entertainment staff does a good job of trying to include people in the activities going on, but aren't pushy at all.  We had Spanish lessons one morning.  I might have to go back for a refresher course.  Emoji

The pools are always clean.  Some times had a hard time finding a chair on our own, but if the pool concierge saw someone looking, they helped find them a spot.  The quieter infinity pool is our favorite, however, the foliage has grown taller since our last visit there (naturally), so you can't see the ocean from it any longer, which we missed.
The sargassum is out there, of course, but Secrets does THE BEST job cleaning it off the beach with their beach raking machine.  The picture I've included was the worst day & it was in the morning.  We didn't notice a smell really, but I think that's because they keep it cleaned up so well.  I think the smell is from the decay if it's left to lay--which they don't do.  Not many folks in the ocean like our first trip there, but it is what it is....nature!  I feel bad that it's affecting the resort business--especially for the servers--& all those working for tips.

Enjoyed a massage, which was the best one I've ever had!  We also used the hydrotherapy one day--very nice perk to have available.

We plan to visit Secrets Maroma Beach again sometime.  Secrets is a great brand & we highly recommend it!  

I've included a few pictures.

Thanks again, Denise, for taking such good care of us & organizing our trip for us.  You do a wonderful job of keeping up informed about the flight info leading up to the trip, as well as what we should expect/do when we get to the Cancun airport concerning getting to the shuttle.  Know that we appreciate you providing that info!  Thank you!!!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Chris & Joe

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