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SECRETS AKUMAL Adults-Only All-inclusive resort 
in the Riviera Maya

Special clients stayed at Secrets Akumal a few months ago.  I always ask for a review of the resorts so that I can share the information with my clients.

Below is a review of the Secrets Akumal in the Riviera Maya.

Thank you so much for your photos and review Fred and Julie!

Here is some follow up for our trip to Secrets Akumal!  

How was your Ocean Front room?  I'd say ocean front is a pretty big stretch.  I would call it was ocean view.  But, we liked it.   We were in building #3.  The food?  The food was great.  We really enjoyed it!  There were plenty of options.

The Beach?  The beach was beautiful!  The seating was perfect!  And, I miss the waitress asking me what she can bring me. It wasn't too crowded and we were really happy.  I did a group snorkel with the resort and saw the guide was great at finding sea turtles.

We also saw a stingray and some beautiful fish and coral, just right off the beach.  There were lots of water activities available they had paddle boards, snorkel equipment, kayaks, and some see through boogy board type things.  We found out the night before we left that there were still lots of turtle nests on the beach and one lady told us there was a scientist out there one evening at a nest where the babies had hatched and said they would crawl out and head to the water at sunset. That would have been cool to see but we didn't know about it.  I'm sure that is something they don't want advertised.  

Thanks for the suggestion on the cups.  I got the 32 oz Ozark Trail Stainless Yeti style cups and also ordered some handles for them.  They were so helpful!  I had my refill before noon and at 6 pm I still had a little left and it was still frozen at the end of the day!
The service?  Great!  They were always polite and said 'my pleasure' etc.  The building concierge always called us by name when he saw us.  

 What restaurants did you like best?  We ate at the Seaside restaurant several times and it was always good.  Lots of menu options.  We ate at the Italian Restaurant - Portofina (or something like that)  twice.  It was really good.  I had the same thing both times.  We also ate at the Habachi and it was very good.  And the Mexican restaurant.  It was fine but was probably our 3rd favorite of the fine dining options.   The Market Restaurant was a wonderful buffet breakfast with anything you can want for breakfast.  Very good!  

Did you take any off-property excursions?  We did not.  But, we discussed that we would have if we had stayed longer.   We had been to Tulum in the past.  We just didn't want to leave the beach.   I heard from someone that if you walk down the beach just a bit that there was a walkway to some local shops etc.  I didn't go.  

We spent all of our time reading on the beach and eating and drinking.  

Would you recommend this resort to others?  Absolutely.  It was a wonderful experience and the grounds were absolutely beautiful.  I took some pictures but never felt like they could convey the lush beautiful grounds.  We didn't want to leave and we miss it!

It was a wonderful trip and we were very very happy! I've been telling people how wonderful it was!  We would love to take the kids back to that same area sometime maybe even next fall.  So, we will have to talk about options for that at some point.

Thanks so much for helping us make a great trip.  You certainly helped eliviate a lot of planning stress.  We will certainly be calling you again. 


I have gotten to visit this incredible adults-only all-inclusive resort and you can too.

Call Denise 314-660-3039

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