Wednesday, June 22, 2016



Waikiki Beach Tower

Hawaii was everything we hoped it would be, perfect 
weather, plenty of sunshine and great beaches.  Waikiki 
was not as crowded as we thought it might be which 
was great for us.  Of course there was all types of 
sunbathers but I was somewhat surprised that there was 
not a whole lot of skimpy suits.  Most people seemed 
to be more modest.  The view from the condo was 
fabulous and even though it was across the street, 
you just walked out, pushed the walk  button and crossed
the street and you were at the beach.

Waikiki Beach Tower view

Our condo was the best, clean and stocked with eating and cooking utensils. They cleaned and made sure we had fresh towels each day.  The staff was very helpful with any info we needed.  They can book trips for you but again it was so nice to have that done ahead.  There was a grocery store within walking distance that was reasonable so we were able to stock up.   

Pearl Harbor was a must, very moving and a good history 
lesson for the young.  I highly recommend pre booking 
the trip through you.  They sell out of tickets by noon 
most days and the lines are long if you do this on your own.  
Also you are not allowed to take any bags onto the grounds unless it is see through and then you have to go through security and wait for a ranger to come check your bag.  Cameras and phones and wallets that will fit in your pocket can go in.  They do have a place where you can check your bags for a fee.                                                                                                    

Arizona Memoria

I recommend that you check into the trolley system when you get there.  It does cost but you can get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time and I would also recommend that you buy a three or five day pass.  We were able to take the Blue line up the coast to Sandy Beach with stops along 
the way for photos. The green line took us up and into Diamond head creator and the pink line  takes you around town to any restaurants and shops.  A two day ticket was $45 and a five day was $65.  You can ride all day as many time as you want on any of these lines.
Do not and I repeat do not take many clothes.  You do not need them  We over packed, we could
have taken a third of what we did.

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